First Choice Amongst Garages in Croydon | PD Motors

PD Motors has been supporting motorists in the Croydon area for nigh on near a century now, making us one of the more “permanent fixtures” amongst garages in the wider Surrey and South London locales. Many of our long-term customers used to use national fast fix centres and larger, corporate garages for their mechanical car repairs, car servicing and MOTs – as well as specialist services like car body repairs and 4x4 wheel alignment. Why do they make the switch? That’s what today’s blog post looks to answer…

The Benefits of Supporting Independent Garages

Price – One of the first things that independent garages will mention when touting the benefits of their car repairs, car servicing and MOTs is the price. We all march to the beat of our own drum, and have the freedom to monitor what larger competitors are up to, and adjust prices to ensure we’re always the more affordable option. So Croydon motorists looking to save some money – including on more niche services like 4x4 wheel alignment and post-accident car body repairs – can do so with PD Motors, without sacrificing the quality of service recieved.

Supporting Your Local – Unfortunately, we live in a system in which large chains can flash their cash and quickly expand into locales far and wide, dominating high streets while offering a general service that isn’t necessarily catering to local residents. Just as with supporting your local café or bookshop in the age of Costa and Amazon, if you like local institutions with history who employ locals, and serve locals – consider choosing PD Motors for any required car repairs, car servicing or MOTs in Croydon. We’ve been here for over 40 years, and hope we’ll be around for 40 more, with your support!

A Personal, Friendly Service – The small size of our team, and the fact that you deal personally with the business founder, means you get a more personal and friendly service than when at chain garages (where you might receive services like car body repairs or 4x4 wheel alignment from different mechanics each time). We like to build up relationships and a report with our clients so that we come to understand their vehicles and personal requirements, and so Croydon residents can have a space they feel comfortable in whenever requiring automotive assistance.

Specialist Services – Many larger garages offer the essentials: your basic car servicing, MOTs, standard car repairs etc. – but little else. PD Motors, with nearly half a century of mechanical experience, has been constantly looking to expand our expertise so Croydon customers can use us as a “one-stop” solution, a rarity amongst garages. So we’ve invested in the technology to carry out car body repairs, engine management and diagnostics, 4x4 wheel alignment, air conditioning servicing and re-charging, and a host of other specialist tasks.

So what are you waiting for? Book in car repairs, car servicing or MOTs at our Croydon garage by calling our friendly team on 02086 842002 or 02086 659647 today.