Keep Your Cool All Year Round – Re-charging, Servicing & Car Air Conditioning Repairs in Croydon | PD Motors

An important aspect of your vehicle is its air conditioning system. Often “out of sight and mind”, if it’s working optimally, you rarely notice it. But as soon as your air conditioning begins to suffer in terms of performance, or simply stop working altogether, you can become aware how uncomfortable it is to drive in both hot and cold weather. PD Motors, one of the longest standing garages in the Croydon area, provides car repairs and maintenance specifically targeting your air con.

The key elements in proper air con maintenance are recharging and servicing, with manufacturers recommend every two years. These maintenance procedures will reduce the chances your air con fails, and ensure it can effectively keep your vehicle’s climate under control, while handling condensation and other essentials.

Around 10% to 20% of an air conditioning system’s refrigerant is lost each year, but significantly more can be lost if your system contains leaks. And as air conditioning work isn’t included in standard car servicing appointments, it’s important to keep on top of recharging, before your air con simply stops working.

Identifying Leaks via Pressure Testing

Our Croydon workshop is fitted out with the specialist equipment required for air conditioning work, which not all garages have. This includes technology that will both diagnose faults, and inform us of refrigerant levels within a system. A big benefit of this investment is that we recommend recharging only when clients require it, ensuring it will be effectual and worth the money.

An initial pressure test will take around 30-minutes to perform and inform our technicians whether your system has a leak. If it doesn’t, the standard 2 year service will suffice, improving efficiency and thereby reducing fuel consumption. Aircon servicing also helps Croydon motorists combat the release of harmful pathogens and allergens – which can work their way into neglected systems.

A Thorough, Industry-Compliant Service

Just as with general car servicing, garages servicing air conditioning systems need to comply with a number of standards in order to provide an effective service. The first part involves cleansing your system of old refrigerant and contaminants. Following on from this stage, the system is pressure tested to identify leaks. Then it’s recharged, restoring its functionality.

Should we find any issues during the course of servicing – or during diagnostics due to a specific aircon issue you’re suffering – then the proposed repairs will be set-out and a quote issued. Croydon’s PD Motors is at all times compliant with relevant legislation, including European Commission Legislation Reference Regulation (EC) No: 307/2008. We’re also constantly training our mechanics in air con servicing and repair work, ensuring that the latest and most sophisticated systems are no match for our expertise.

To book in car air conditioning repairs, servicing or recharging then give our Croydon garage a call on 02086 842002 or 02086 659647.