Test Your Vehicle’s Roadworthiness & Stay on the Right Side of the Law With Our MOTs in Croydon | PD Motors

If your vehicle is over three years old, you are legally obliged to ensure it undergoes annual MOTs. At PD Motors in Croydon, we undertake MOT inspections on all Class IV category vehicles, which includes:

  • Passenger Cars
  • Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Taxis
  • Public Service Vehicles
  • Three-Wheelers
  • Quad Bikes

The inspectors at our DVSA-approved garage pride themselves on their honesty and transparency, guiding your through MOTs and ensuring that any cause for failure is carefully explained. Croydon clients who do fail MOT inspections for any reason, and choose to have remedial car repair work carried out at PD Motors, will qualify for a free re-test.

We have both a comfortable waiting area and viewing area, if you’d like to see our team in action as they carry out the MOT. On top of this, PD Motors can help ensure you don’t miss the deadline by notifying you about forthcoming expiration dates, ensuring there’s plenty of time to book in and get tested. Keep in mind that if you book in for MOTs in the 28 days up to your current certificate’s expiration, the remaining time won’t be “eaten up” by the new certificate, as they will run concurrently.

What’s Involved in MOT Inspections?

MOTs involve going through an extensive list of component checks and tests carefully and methodically.

Aspects of your vehicle that will undergo scrutiny include lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment, steering and suspension components, brakes, tyres and road wheels, seat belts, general bodywork, exhaust, fuel system and emissions, windscreen, etc.

The best way to ensure you pass first time is to invest in regular car servicing and see to any niggling issues as and when they rear their head. PD Motors in Croydon can handle both proactive and reactive automotive work on your behalf.

Why MOTs Are so Important…

Many Croydon motorists roll their eyes when they think of MOT inspections, seeing them as simply a hoop to jump through: a bureaucratic necessity and nothing more. And while a big reason to ensure MOTs are completed on time is to stay on the right side of the law, to avoid fines (up to £1,000) and points being put on your licence, there are more concrete reasons to justify the time, effort and expense spent on attending your annual appointment.

Chiefly, the MOT is one of only a few opportunities that you get a year to have professional mechanics look over your vehicle – the others being interim and full annual car servicing. As a proactive measure rather than a reactive measure, we may be able to find emerging or unnoticed issues that can be nipped in the bud before they become serious mechanical issues which put your safety at risk and cost a bundle to put right. So not only do MOT inspections play a part in keeping you and your fellow motorists safe on the road, they can prove highly cost efficient.

Book in MOTs at PD Motors in Croydon. Call us on 02086 842002 or 02086 659647.