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As one of the most reputable garages and providers of car repairs in Croydon and its surrounds, PD Motors Ltd ensures its customers stay on the road safely all year round. Three elements of a vehicle that are of the upmost importance to road safety are its tyres, wheels and brakes – and we have the automotive experience and equipment required to repair, replace or refurbish all three components.

We also provide a passenger car, LCV and 4X4 wheel alignment service. This is ideal if you’ve noticed that your vehicle pulls slightly to one side when the steering wheel is set dead centre, meaning you have to constantly compensate for the drift; likewise if you’ve noticed that your tyres are wearing down prematurely, or parts of your tyre tread are wearing out quicker than others.

PD Motors Ltd stocks a range of tyres, wheels and brakes at different price points, to ensure that Croydon motorists can find something both affordable and suited to their vehicle and driving style. We also offer a full fitting, weighting and balancing service with any tyres purchased, included within the price, setting us apart from many competing garages in the Croydon area.

When to Replace Your Tyres

One of the most common reasons to replace your tyres is a lack of tread depth. UK law dictates that tyres have 1.6mm or more depth, and to drive with less will put you at risk of serious fines and points on your licence. It will also put your safety at risk, as tread depth is directly tied to stopping distance, making it a good idea to replace your tyres before you fall below the legal minimum.

Other reasons garages like ours in Croydon will recommend replacing tyres include uneven wear, which is often due to improper 4x4 wheel alignment, and cuts, cracks and similar damage to the sidewalls, such as bulges or blisters. Any pulling to one side or jarring vibration when driving can also signal the need for a new set.

We recommend our customers regularly inspect their tyres, weekly if possible, and following any hard contact with kerbs when parking up. Visit us should you identify any damage, and the experienced mechanics at PD Motors will be able to assess whether the damage calls for car repairs, or is benign and safe to drive on. Our car, LCV and 4X4 wheel alignment service – not offered by all garages – can be combined with a new set of tyres should the replacement be due to poor alignment.

Banishing Scuffs & Scratches – Wheel Refurbishment

One alternative to replacing worn and scuffed alloys is refurbishment, which we carry out at our Croydon workshop. We can manipulate the alloy to remove minor indentations, and buff out scuffs and similar damage, restoring them to their former glory. We can also code them in a range of metallic or coloured finishes, to match your vehicle and unique aesthetic taste. When replacing alloys, just as when replacing brakes and tyres, we offer a like-for-like product.

On the Straight & Narrow – Car, LCV & 4X4 Wheel Alignment

If you’re searching for Croydon garages that can deal with alignment issues, you’ve found one in PD Motors Ltd. This includes a specialist 4X4 wheel alignment service that is of particular use to off-roaders, due to the stress that driving over rough terrain can cause to your wheels (eventually impacting their alignment). Why is alignment important? Mainly for the fact that improper car, LCV or 4X4 wheel alignment can cause excess or uneven wear to tyres, which are thus exposed to a far higher degree of damage, while impacting handling. So if you’ve identified a symptom of poor alignment, contact us at your earliest convenience.

Responsive, Safe Stopping – Brake Replacement

Your brakes are perhaps the most important safety feature your vehicle contains, making it of vital importance you keep them in proper working order. Sustained use can subject them to wear and tear, so even if you’ve not noticed any specific problems in this area, they’re well worth inspecting from time to time. For this reason, most good garages will give your brakes a visual inspection anytime the wheels are removed for other aspects of car repairs, in addition to during car servicing and MOT inspections – and PD Motors in Croydon is no different.

Diagnostics are also called for should you notice any change in your vehicle when slowing down or coming to a stop. Our facilities are equipped to allow for fast and thorough evaluation of your brakes to inform any subsequent repair or replacement work.

So what symptoms should you be on the lookout for?

  • Noises when slowing down, such as screeching, grinding or squealing
  • Vibrating steering wheel when applying brakes
  • Abnormal tyre wear
  • Warning lights on dashboard
  • Unresponsive brake pedal
  • A burning smell

We only ever use brakes of main dealer quality when carrying out a replacement, unlike some garages who will use poor quality parts to improve their margins. So should you be suffering brake difficulty, contact PD Motors in Croydon for troubleshooting, car repairs or brake replacement.

You can reach us on 02086 842002 or 02086 659647. PD Motors is proud to be the pick amongst Croydon garages for wheel, tyre and brake work.