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Our Croydon based mechanics are constantly receiving queries from motorists who want to make use of our 40 years’ of experience in the garage trade. Sometimes they focus on car repairs, for example on issues with brakes, wheels, tyres, air conditioning systems or 4X4 wheel alignment, and other times on maintenance services such as car servicing and MOT inspections. Below, we’ve looked to answer some of these most common queries, to provide an easy to access online resource.

Our Croydon Clients’ Questions Answered

What types of vehicles do you repair?

Do you specialise in a manufacturer? Our garage carries out car repairs on all vehicle types, as we are independent and are not affiliated with one manufacturer. By marching to the beat of our own drum, we can be the versatile automotive solution that Croydon motorists need. So whatever make or model your vehicle, visit us should you identify an issue. We put nearly half a century’s experience to good use, carrying out car repairs on brakes, wheels, tyres, air conditioning systems and all other components!

Another aspect of our repairs service are our car body repairs. Not every mechanical garage is a bodywork shop, and vice versa. But PD Motors has the equipment and expertise required to carry out car body repairs following major accidents, or minor bumps, on behalf of our Croydon customers.

How does car servicing at an independent garage compare with dealership work?

The quality of car servicing is no different; we work to the same check-lists and carry out car servicing for the same broad range of vehicles and manufacturers. The main differences you get are in the price, which is usually more competitive at PD Motors than at large competitors in and around the Croydon area, and in the quality of customer service, which is more personal, and tailored to you.

Are you an approved provider of MOT inspections?

PD Motors is a fully DVSA-approved provider of Class IV MOT inspections. This category covers passenger cars, public service vehicles and LCV models. We can carry out MOT inspections for Corydon motorists up to 28 days before a certificate’s expiration date (any left over time will roll over), and as we have dedicated MOT bays you won’t face delays due to a sudden influx of car repairs or car servicing, as can happen at some garages lacking dedicated facilities.

What do you mean by engine management?

Engine management refers to the reading and adjusting of a car ECU’s, or engine control units. These are fitted in the lion’s share of modern vehicles, and store important information such as fault codes. They can be quickly read through the use of specialist diagnostics equipment, which we’ve invested in to ensure our workshop is equipped to provide distinctly modern mechanical services. An ECU’s parameters can also be adjusted to ensure safe, efficient and responsive performance.

Do you replace brakes?

Yes, using high quality OEM or equivalent parts. Following diagnostics, our team explains to Croydon motorists exactly what’s gone wrong with their brake system. The appropriate car repairs may involve replacing pad, discs, drums or shoes – and rarely involve completely replacing every aspect of brakes.

What about work on wheels and tyres?

Another core aspect of our business! As our Croydon garage serves as both a mechanical workshop and body shop, we are equally up to the task of replacing damaged or low-tread tyres, as we are refurbishing or repairing the wheels themselves – alongside all over car body repairs. We have a wide selection of options when it comes to both replacement wheels and tyres: from budget products that will get the job done, to more specialist and premium options.

I believe my 4X4’s wheels aren’t properly aligned. Can you help?

We have sophisticated 4X4 wheel alignment equipment at our Croydon premises, to ensure that yours are properly set. This can deal with on-going issues such as drift or abnormally fast tyre wear. 4X4 wheel alignment is especially useful for Croydon motorists who take their vehicle off-road.

Do you maintain and repair air conditioning systems?

Yes! We have the equipment and know-how to repair, recharge and service car air conditioning systems. Keep in mind that over time, systems gradually lose the gas inside them that ensures optimal functionality. As such, they need to be recharged every few years. A leaking system will require repair before being repaired, as will faults that risk a system emitting allergerns and pathogens into the vehicle.

Have your own question for our team? Or perhaps you want to book in for car servicing, car repairs or engine management services at our Croydon location? Call 02086 842002 or 02086 659647 today!