Look After Your Vehicle Year-Round With Our Car Repairs & Car Servicing in Croydon | PD Motors

PD Motors in Croydon is a one-stop solution for keeping your vehicle running reliably and efficiently all year-round, providing a full range of car repairs and both interim and full car servicing. Opening up shop at 8:30am from Monday to Friday, and closing at 6pm, we look to ensure you can book in at a time that’s convenient and minimise disruption to your daily and weekly routine.

Below, we’ve provided more information about car servicing, car repairs and engine management – the three core areas of vehicle maintenance we’ve continually excelled in since starting up back in 1981.

Interim & Full Car Servicing

There are two core types of car servicing that you’ll find at most garages, including ours in Croydon: full and interim. The vast majority of manufacturers recommend full annual car servicing for all motorists, every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Interim car servicing then provides an additional opportunity to maintain your vehicle, if you’re clocking up over 6,000 miles in the 6 months following your full service appointment.

A full service involves a comprehensive list of checks and tests, carried out by an experienced mechanic. An interim service is slightly less thorough, but still involves the essential checks – as well as the oil and filter change you’ll receive with full annual car servicing. There are many reasons why car servicing is an important, cost effective aspect of vehicle maintenance, including:

  • Improves road safety
  • Makes for responsive handling
  • Reduces expenditure on avoidable car repairs
  • Preserves your warranty
  • Maintains re-sale value
  • Saves money by improving fuel efficiency

Car Repairs

Noticed an issue with your vehicle? Even if it’s currently only a minor inconvenience, we recommend visiting the PD Motors team in Croydon. We can run diagnostics and locate the source of the problem.Sometimes, acting early on symptoms before they worsen can save time and expense. These car repairs are in many ways proactive, as opposed to reactive –when a component completely fails.

Whether you’re suffering an issue with your brakes, clutch,engine, air conditioning system – or any other component you can think of – we’ll be sure to use main dealer quality parts in our car repairs. The result is you’ll benefit from generous supplier warranties of up to five years! Part of the reason for our longevity is this commitment to quality parts,workmanship and customer service – and why we receive so many visits not just from the immediate Croydon area, but surrounding locales throughout Surrey and London.

Engine Management

In day’s gone-by, diagnosing engine faults could take a fair amount of time, as mechanics would slowly whittle down the list of potential issues. Nowadays, vehicles come fitted with ECUs, or engine control units.

One of their functions is to store engine fault codes. These can be read with specialist equipment which interfaces with your vehicle’s ECU port, which we’ve invested in at our Croydon premises.

This allows for fast, accurate diagnostics process – and our engineers quickly understanding the nuances of your engine. We can then suggest fixes to amend issues surrounding performance, and to improve both fuel efficiency and response.

Keep your vehicle in tip top condition with the car repairs and car servicing offered at PD Motors in Croydon. Book in by calling 02086 842002 or 02086 659647.