Perfect Finishes Each & Every Time With Our Resprays in Croydon | PD Motors

PD Motors in Croydon is a fully-equipped body shop that carries out both full and partial resprays for its customers. A quality respray requires careful preparation, the right tools, and experience. When properly handled, a re-spray can restore a damaged or tired vehicle to its former glory, at least on an aesthetic level. We ensure perfect colour matching without compromise, and a blemish-free, long-lasting finish that will put up with the stresses of day-to-day use. What’s more, we pride ourselves on a speedy turnaround, so your vehicle isn’t kept off the road any longer than it need be.

Our Croydon workshop features a high-tech low-bake oven which offers a whole host of benefits in regards to resprays:

  • Extraction fans and filters to circumvent dust and ensure a blemish-free finish
  • Lower levels of potentially harmful substances
  • High level of visibility to ensure accuracy and protection of surrounding panels
  • A safe and clean working area for our staff
  • Temperature control to ensure perfect conditions for paint atomisation and curing
  • Less need for cutting and polishing
  • Quick drying times, often < 20 minutes

Our Approach

PD Motors ensures that it adheres to all relevant legislation when conducting resprays for its clients in and around the Croydon area, including BS 10125:2014 and COSHH regulations. This makes both professional working techniques and high quality materials/equipment essential. We opt for water-based colours and industry-leading clear coats that guarantee a durable finish.

Another advantage of using water-based paints is that they are typically safer than high VOC solvent-based alternatives, ensuring our team are well protected against such risks as isocyanate poisoning. Other strengths that make it the undisputed best choice for resprays include it being eco-friendly, and more vibrant in colour. This vibrancy also assists us in colour matching.

You might think that all this shows up in the price, but our resprays are very competitively costed, with savings made on the amount of paint required passed on to our clients. Our team use the latest and greatest technology from market-leaders like SATA and DeVilbiss to apply said paints, ensuring the optimal depth, coverage and distribution.

To sum up what Croydon motorists choose PD Motors for resprays over the competition for…

  • Free Written Estimates
  • Car Body Repairs
  • Accident Repairs
  • Crash Repairs
  • Full Resprays
  • Partial Resprays
  • Localised Repairs
  • Water-Based Paints
  • Protective Lacquers
  • Cutting and Polishing
  • Free Vehicle Valet
  • Perfect Colour Matches

So what are you waiting for? Book in for resprays at our Croydon workshop by contacting the PD Motors team on 02086 842002 or 02086 659647 today.