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PD Motors Ltd is the trusted name for car repairs in Croydon, South London and Surrey. One of our specialist areas is wheels and tyres, where we provide a full repair, replacement and refurbishment service. We also replace worn brakes, and recommend a detailed inspection of pads, discs, drums and shoes when removing the wheels from your vehicle. As one might expect from this branch of our services, brakes, wheels and tyres all play a significant role in preserving road safety and protecting the welfare of our valued Croydon customers.


To help reduce premature tyre wear, our company also provides passenger car, LCV and 4X4 wheel alignment services using innovative, state-of-the-art equipment.


Brakes, wheels and tyres go hand-in-hand so it makes sense for us to work on them all. PD Motors holds a stock range of premium and budget tyres, which gives local motorists in the Croydon area a suitable choice of products tailored to their pockets. We offer a full fitting, weighting and balancing service, always at an inclusive price with no added extra costs.


Replacement Tyres


The condition of the wheels and tyres on your vehicle dictates the safety of your driving experience. Because tyres constantly make contact with road surfaces, they wear sooner than most other moving parts. We advise our customers in Croydon to inspect the condition of their tyres on a weekly basis, and to keep a careful eye out for any of the following:


• Uneven wear of the tyre tread

• Excess wear across one part of the tyre

• Cuts and cracks in the sidewalls

• Bulges or blisters across all area of the tyre

• Excessive vibration and pulling when driving


Tyres wear for a variety of reasons including continued use, making contact with the kerb when parking, uneven wheel alignment, the condition of the brakes and even the wear in steering and suspension components. Checking wheels and tyres regularly helps road users in Croydon to identify the characteristics that might compromise their welfare and safety.


Having new tyres fitted could be a false economy if the tracking on your vehicle is out. We recommend combining replacements with our car, LCV and 4X4 wheel alignment services.

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Wheel Refurbishments


The poor physical condition of wheels and tyres often results in the need for replacement but this isn’t necessarily the case if you have alloys fitted to your vehicle. Our workshop in Croydon refurbishes alloy wheels, but can also code them in a wide variety of metallic and coloured finishes for local and regional customers who wish to stylise their vehicles.


The softness of alloy wheels allows us to manipulate them safely, and to remove the scratches and scuffs typically associated with regular road use and kerb contact. We can even code the brakes, and calipers in particular, with the rest of the vehicle colour. PD Motors of Croydon offers like-for-like replacement services for brakes, wheels and tyres.


Car, LCV and 4X4 Wheel Alignment


We equip our workshop with the trade’s most innovative equipment, and provide wheel alignment services for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. PD Motors also offers a specialist 4X4 wheel alignment service, a serious consideration for those who use 4X4 vehicles off-road. Poor alignment has a negative impact on the wheels and tyres, and could even compromise the long-term safety of drivers and passengers if left unattended.


Manufacturers have set specifications so that the wheels on your vehicle align to the optimum position. Premature tyre wear, or your vehicle pulling to one side when driving, are both indicative of the need for car, LCV or 4X4 wheel alignment. Our workshop in Croydon has facilities in place to provide you with a fast and affordable alignment service.


Replacement Brakes


The braking system is one of the most important safety features on any vehicle. Like tyres, brakes wear sooner than other parts and components because of sustained use. We recommend a full inspection of the brakes whenever your vehicle acts erratically when slowing or stopping. We have the facilities in place at our garage in Croydon to provide a fast and accurate evaluation of the braking system and the subsequent replacement work.


Signs that your brakes might need replacing include:


• Screeching, squealing or grinding noises when slowing down

• Vibrations in the steering wheel or the brake pedal

• Excessive tyre wear or indications of pad wear on the dashboard

• Having to depress the brake further to slow or stop the vehicle

• Pungent burning smells coming from components behind the tyres


We source replacement brakes of main dealer quality from a trusted network of suppliers in the Croydon area, and our technicians never use low-end patterned parts which could compromise your personal safety. Contact us on 020 8684 2002 or 0208 665 9647 to arrange a prompt inspection of your brakes or to book in for our replacement services.


Call 020 8684 2002 or 0208 665 9647 to book in for replacement brakes, new tyres and 4X4 wheel alignment services at our Croydon workshop.

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