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At PD Motors Ltd, we perform MOT inspections in the popular Class IV category. This class principally applies to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, but also covers taxis, public service vehicles, three-wheelers and quad bikes. Our workshop in Croydon has DVSA approval, a prerequisite for MOT testing services, and has trained inspectors who work in an open, honest and transparent manner at all times. Our company invites you to use our comfortable waiting and viewing area if you would like to watch us perform the MOT test.


Elements of annual MOT inspections include the following:


• The vehicle identification number is correct and matches the car

• The registration plate is secure and correctly coloured, formatted and spaced

• The lights are in good physical condition, aligned and levelled

• The steering and suspension have no corrosion to the rack or the coils

• The wipers and washer bottle are in good working condition to aid visibility

• The windscreen has no cracks or chips, and provides a safe view for the driver

• The seatbelts and seats are secure and in good operational condition

• The fuel system works, has no leaks and meets current regulations for emissions

• The bodywork has no serious damage or major levels of corrosion

• The mirrors are in good physical condition, functional and secure

• The brakes work, are efficient and pass electrical checks (on ABS systems)

• The wheels and tyres are in safe condition with correct size, type and tread depth

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The Importance of Annual MOT Inspections


Motorists in Croydon and the surrounding South London and Surrey areas have a legal obligation to book in for MOT inspections on any vehicle aged three years or over. The purpose of the test is to check different physical and mechanical components, and to evaluate if they meet standards set by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). On meeting specified criteria, the owner receives an MOT pass certificate valid for one year.


Motorists with vehicles that fail MOT inspections have the option to book in for car repairs with PD Motors, and to qualify for a free re-test upon completion of the work.


Become a regular customer at our Croydon workshop and, whenever MOT tests are due, we alert you to the forthcoming expiration date of the current certificate and arrange prompt appointments with plenty of time to spare. Book in for MOT inspections up to 28 days before the current certificate expires, and run your old and new certificates concurrently.


Please be aware the driving without an MOT could see you facing a fine of up to £1,000.


Call 020 8684 2002 or 0208 665 9647 to book in for MOT inspections at a popular workshop in Croydon with full DVSA approval.

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a picture of a man working on a car
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