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The team at PD Motors answers some of the many questions received from customers in the local Croydon area, many of whom might be considering using us for car servicing, car repairs or MOT inspections for the first time. What some of them fail to realise is that for a small workshop with just four personnel, we provide more services than much larger companies in our region. PD Motors specialises in engine management, car air conditioning and 4X4 wheel alignment. We even undertake car body repairs and perform resprays.


If you need us to repair or replace brakes, wheels and tyres, we offer free initial inspections and provide our customers with written estimates or quotations without obligation.


Do you perform car repairs on one particular type of vehicle?


No. PD Motors is fully independent with no ties to one manufacturer marque, unlike main dealerships in the Croydon area which only perform car repairs on a single brand. Our technicians combine 45 years of trade and industry experience to bring you a complete repair service suited to any make or model of vehicle – new, nearly-new and even classic.


Because we work on all manufacturer marques and don’t have to worry about covering the cost of unpaid warranty work, our customers benefit from more competitive prices.


How does your car servicing compare to standards at a dealership?


We have the confidence to put any of our services alongside those supplied by main dealers and to still match them for quality. Independent garages like our own workshop in Croydon perform car servicing to manufacturer schedules so, whether you choose PD Motors or a dealership, the standard stays exactly the same. The noticeable difference is in the price.


Importantly, choosing an independent garage for car servicing doesn’t affect ongoing warranties so our local customers have every right to have faith in the work we do.


Do you have approval to perform MOT inspections?


Yes. PD Motors of Croydon has approval from the DVSA to complete MOT inspections in the main Class IV category, one which covers passenger cars, LCV models and public service vehicles. Our workshop has its own inspection bays so MOT appointments never run late because our technicians are busy completing car servicing or repairs in allocated workspace.


We undertake MOT inspections up to 28 days ahead of the current certificate expiry date.


What is engine management?


Modern cars have on-board computer systems with a port that lets us plug in our advanced code readers. Engine management is the control of the vehicle’s electrical subsystem to ensure clean, reliable and efficient performance. The work itself involves a series of diagnostic checks at our garage in Croydon with the aim of retrieving stored fault codes.


These codes show us what’s wrong, and they help our technicians to recommend the correct choice of car repairs without the need for time-consuming troubleshooting.


Does your company replace brakes?


Yes. PD Motors only uses main dealer quality parts sourced from suppliers in the Croydon area. We understand that the brakes play a pivotal role in ensuring road safety, and we’d never compromise the welfare of you or your passengers by using patterned brakes that never perform as well as premium products. We replace pads, shoes, discs and drums.


If you suspect a problem with your brakes, try to arrange an inspection at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do so increases the chances of being involved in an accident.


Do you work on wheel and tyres too?


Absolutely! Keeping wheels and tyres in a good operational condition makes your driving experience safer and more comfortable. Because our premises in Croydon double up as a mechanical workshop and a bodyshop, customers can use us for tyre replacement work or the repair and refurbishment of their wheels. We also colour code alloy wheels on request.


If you need replacement wheels or tyres, PD Motors supplies a versatile range of options consisting of premium and budget products that are friendly on the pocket.


Can you help me with a 4X4 wheel alignment issue?


Yes. We also offer tracking services on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles but 4X4 wheel alignment is something of a speciality for our Croydon-based company. We find that customers who use 4X4 vehicles off-road benefit more from this particular service, but our technicians also recommend it for vehicles suffering from sustained tyre and parts wear.


Our workshop has the industry’s most advanced 4X4 wheel alignment equipment onsite.


Can you recharge my car air conditioning?


We can do much more than that! PD Motors offers a full servicing, recharging and repair service on car air conditioning systems including nitrogen pressure testing. A recharge might be insufficient if the system has leaks. In a worst-case scenario, a damaged system could recycle contaminated refrigerant packed with potentially harmful allergens and pathogens.


A full inspection of the car air conditioning might unveil a more serious problem, one that could ultimately leave our Croydon customers unwell and subjected to health conditions.


Call 020 8684 2002 or 0208 665 9647 to book in for car servicing, MOT inspections and engine management services at our popular Croydon workshop.

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