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At PD Motors, we provide our customers in the Croydon area with three key services to keep their vehicles running reliably and economically; car servicing, car repairs and engine management. Each of these services has a different purpose but all three have close links. While full and interim car servicing are both forms of scheduled maintenance, they reduce the need for ongoing car repairs and engine management. Without investing into regular servicing, however, motorists face a stronger likelihood of needing these other services.


Our Croydon workshop opens from 8.30am and closes at 6.00pm, from Monday through to Friday. This ensures our customers have access to flexible appointment times and can still collect their vehicles from us after finishing work. We close on Saturdays and Sundays.


Below, we provide the basics you need to choose the correct garage service.


Car Servicing


PD Motors performs two different types of car servicing; full and interim. The recommended service schedule for individual vehicles varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer but, as a general rule, most suggest that you book in for full car servicing every 12 months or every 12,000 miles – whichever comes sooner. If you cover more than 6,000 miles in the first six-month period after a full service, it’s best to book in for an interim service too.


Book in for full or interim car servicing at our garage in Croydon to keep your car running smoothly, efficiently and with less potential for breakdowns. The cost of car repairs nearly always outweighs the cost of servicing and our supporting engine management services.


• Maintain the resale value of your vehicle by keeping a full service history

• Enjoy a safer, more pleasant driving experience with fewer mechanical issues

• Save money on long-term repair costs by booking in for car servicing on time

• Preserve the existing warranties on your vehicle at fair independent rates

• Get more miles for your money with optimised fuel efficiency

• Keep moving engine parts lubricated and in good mechanical condition

• Use our engine management services for resetting the dashboard warning lights

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Car Repairs


There are two different ways to think about car repairs. The first is by taking preventative measures when signs of wear become apparent in individual components, which we recommend to our Croydon customers as the most cost-effective option. The second is reactive car repairs, which we perform after component failure. Leaving things until a component fails often results in damage to other parts of your vehicle – and more expense.


If you suspect an issue or have suffered a breakdown, book in for car repairs with PD Motors today. Contact us on 020 8684 2002 or 0208 665 9647, and we’ll arrange a convenient time for you to bring your vehicle down to our workshop, located on Sydenham Road.


Please be aware that our company only uses main dealer quality parts with supplier warranties of between one and five years. We’d never compromise the standard of our car repairs or our reputation by using patterned parts from low-end manufacturers. This commitment to quality makes PD Motors one of the most trusted garages in Croydon.


Engine Management


In some ways, car repairs and engine management services go hand-in-hand. The main difference between the two is that engine management diagnoses potential problems with your car whereas repair services rectify them. The diagnosis of your vehicle’s subsystem is not a physical inspection, such as the type we use to assess the condition of brakes, clutches, wheel and tyres. It involves the use of advanced code reading equipment.


We plug this equipment into the ECU port to provide our Croydon customers with a full diagnosis of what might be wrong with their vehicles. These readers retrieve stored fault codes, usually indicated as present by dashboard warning lights. The retrieved codes help our technicians to recommend suitable car repairs without any painstaking troubleshooting.


PD Motors invests heavily into engine management and diagnostic equipment, all of which has approval from manufacturers and from major names in our trade, such as Bosch.


Call 020 8684 2002 or 0208 665 9647 to book in for car servicing, car repairs and engine management services at our popular workshop in Croydon.

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