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Like all reputable garages in Croydon and the surrounding South London and Surrey areas, PD Motors offers a full range of supporting automotive services to complement the more traditional side of our work. Car body repairs and 4X4 wheel alignment are just two of these ancillary services. Another is car aid conditioning servicing and repair, an important option for most modern vehicle owners because the majority will drive a model with some form of climate control system – one which needs maintenance across all four seasons.


Car air conditioning provides welcome cool air during the warmer summer months, but also clears condensation from the windows when the weather turns in late autumn. Keep your system in operational condition with regular servicing and recharging at our Croydon workshop. Manufacturers recommend a full service and recharge at two year intervals.


Between 10% and 20% of the refrigerant contained within car air conditioning systems permeates naturally each year, but more if there are leaks. A traditional service doesn’t include work on the air conditioning – something that many motorists are unaware of.


Pressure Testing


PD Motors Ltd of Croydon operates as a qualified car air conditioning specialist with innovative equipment onsite to diagnose faults and to refresh the system. It is not in the interests of our customers to recharge the air conditioning while other undiagnosed faults remain. Call in to see us at our Sydenham Road workshop for an initial pressure test that tells our technicians if your system has a leak, or if it only requires the full two-year service.


The pressure test takes approximately 30 minutes to perform.


A car air conditioning system in need of a service has to work much harder to circulate cool air, something that ultimately puts a strain on the engine and consumes more fuel. What is of more concern is that leaks result in the distribution of fluorinated refrigerant, a direct contributor to global warming. Worse still, inefficient car air conditioning stores harmful allergens and pathogens which could result in illness or asthma for Croydon motorists.

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A Safe, Industry-Compliant Service


Our technicians provide a thorough cleanse and vacuum of the system to clear it of old refrigerant, oil, debris and contaminants. This leaves the car air conditioning components and the pipework clean ahead of pressure testing the system with nitrogen, deemed safe for the environment, and advising the customer of where leaks, if any, originate from.


The team at our workshop in Croydon always advises you on the cost of additional repairs before starting them, but a car air conditioning service and recharge usually has a set price.


PD Motors complies with European Commission Legislation Reference Regulation (EC) No: 307/2008 by providing ongoing training in the servicing, repair and dismantling of car air conditioning systems with fluorinated refrigerants. Services provided to customers in and around the Croydon area include initial testing, pressure testing, diagnostics and recharging.


Call 020 8684 2002 or 0208 665 9647 to book in for car air conditioning servicing at our popular workshop in Croydon.

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